18 October 2010

Are you serious?!

I have a problem and that problem is other people.

Most people don't understand my sarcasm, sense of humor, and my randomness. Back when I still participated in the joy of facebook people would often ask me what my status updates even meant. Well, to be honest, nothing. If I had a thought and I found it random enough I would post it. I also enjoyed posting quotes out of context. "Three, or four if you count tan, which I do not." What does that even mean? Sure, I know, but you don't. (Months later, I only knew with help from a friend.)

I will also say the random things on my mind which confuses people who aren't in my brain thinking what I'm thinking. It would really all makes sense if you were there. Lets say you bring up blue which makes me think of the ocean which makes me think of stars which...well, at the end of it I might say something like, "I really like Peanut Butter TWIX®." (Seriously, they are really great.) You don't know how I got there (and it's generally so quick that you probably don't realize I went anywhere to begin with) but I promise you that I do.

Also, my sarcasm can be a problem. I'm generally sarcastic, very often when it really isn't all that appropriate. Or I say something that is totally ridiculous and people may take me seriously. Like the hierarchy of right (which is totally true when we're having a difference of opinion).

My life would be so much easier if you could just think like I do, you see...or I guess you may not.

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