18 December 2010

The mile-high blog....

On a plane listening to "Short Shorts" by Royal Teens (via XM radio) and using the holiday free Wi-Fi. Oh how far technology has come.

My airport (Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson) experience was not horrible. Security took less then ten minutes even with an "incident". Someone shouted what sounded like, "BREACH!" and then the TSA agent at my station shouted for everyone by the conveyor belt to back away from their bags and for everyone to stand still. Moments later a lady said something (we were in a sort of side bit so there was a wall between us and her) about how their was an incident and then some other stuff I couldn't make out. I had a heavy coat and two scarves along with my Awesome (or is this the Fantastic?) Hat along with a net book in my tote and my heavy carry on. In the old days I wouldn't have to be bothered with anything other than my purse and maybe a laptop bag but now it costs to check baggage so carry on it is...not that this would be a problem if I wasn't laden with things for my nephews and niece (including a ginger bread village kit and M&Ms which I could have bought there). But I managed to make it to my gate more than an hour before boarding.

My pilots are "Captain Morgan and First Officer Daniels." I'm not sure if I should take my (hilarious) head Flight Attendant seriously in this manner. She did tell us you can't story your purse (she doesn't care if it's Fendi, Prada, Dolce and Gabana, Louis Vuitton, or something you bought at Wal*Mart) on your husband's head and I'm pretty sure that TSA regulations specifically allow this.

02 December 2010

Are you sure that's safe to eat?

Since I'm always going on about my baking I thought I'd take a moment to talk about my cooking, even though it almost always goes smoothly.


Farfalle Con Piselli

Rosemary Potatoes

I made these two together from a recipe I found somewhere ages ago (I wish I could rememberwhere). The pasta is farfalle (bow tie) in a cream sauce (cook chopped onion and finely chopped garlic in a bit of olive oil; add peas, salt, pepper, and cream; bring to boil then remove from heat) and the potatoes are just fried in olive oil with rosemary. When I made this particular batch I found that my onions went bad, so I used some dried onions and added them right before the peas and cream.


Chicken tenderloin curry and coconut milk over spinach and rice.

I started out with another idea all together, but it evolved into awesomeness. I took the chicken tenderloin and cut it in to little nuggets and then soaked them in a little bit of lime juice. After I put the chicken in the fridge I put a bit of flour into a bowl and went searching for some spices. I picked out some ground garlic, onion powder, and ground cayenne pepper when I spotted the curry powder. Everybody loves curry! I added all of these things with salt and a bit of pepper to the flour and got the chicken out of the fridge and proceeded to toss the chicken in the flour mixture. I fried this in a large skillet and when that was done I turned down the heat and added the leftover flour (there wasn't more than 1/2 a cup) to the oil and chicken. It didn't turn out quite like I thought it would so I grabbed a can of coconut cream from the pantry (it comes in handy that we keep a lot of Asian canned goods, even if we rarely use them) and added it to the mix. I then added the cooked rice so that it could soak up the flavors and whatnot. I then began to realize that I needed some sort of vegetable to serve with this (since my original plan to serve green beans wasn't really going to work anymore) and found the spinach in the fridge.


This dinner I forgot to take pictures of until after we'd eaten. The meat is a beef roast. I cut a slit in the top and put in some garlic cloves, drizzled some olive oil in the slit and over the top, and I put it directly on the oven rack with the pan underneath. The broccoli was steamed and covered with a cheese sauce.