08 September 2010

The evils of American white rice.

Dry, flavorless "rice."

Uncle Ben's should be outlawed. Minute® Rice makes me want to seek out the nearest human being so I can be held.

If I had, at my disposal, the solution to the mystery of time travel and was able to go back to any single point in history I would go back to stop the travesty that is parboiled rice from being unleashed upon the world. Or, perhaps, I'd halt the production of instant rice. Sadly that isn't the end of the white rice that this country markets to it's unsuspecting citizens, apparently ignorant of the advancements in importation.

I understand that to most Americans there isn't anything wrong with the flavorless puff because they haven't experienced the joy of white rice that is actually good on its own. If you need to put gravy on rice in order to eat it...something is seriously wrong. Why, when importing goods is so common place, do we need to eat white rice grown in the United States? Would you go to China for apple pie? No.

There is one acceptable use for instant rice: casseroles. The first time I remember my mother using instant rice was for some chicken casserole using a canned cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup. That was tasty. I myself have thrown it into a casserole dish with some salsa, chicken, and cheese. Was I embarrassed to buy the stuff? Well, wouldn't you be?

Maybe I'm being a little harsh, but I encourage everyone to seek out good white rice (hint: it should be imported from a country in Asia) and then tell me if I'm right or wrong. But I know I'm right. Because I'm a woman...but we'll get into that later.