16 October 2010

The hierarchy of right, or why men are always wrong.

Men have a hard time understanding and accepting that they are always wrong. Luckily I am here to help those of us with a Y chromosome navigate the road of rightness.

Women are always right. The longer one has been a women the more right she is, making a 30 year old woman more right than a 29 year old woman. Men are always wrong. The longer one has been a man the more wrong one is, making a 30 year old man more wrong than a 29 year old woman. A woman, or girl, is always right when having a differing opinion. This means a ten year old girl is right even if her 40 year old father thinks differently. This is pretty cut and dry, but as we all know the world isn't cut and dry.

Where, you may ask, do transgenders fall into the hierarchy of right or does it, like many rule sets, ignore a very real portion of the world's population? No, the hierarchy of right is an all inclusive and accepting institution. The formula is still the same. The longer you've been a woman the more right you are, however, on principle, a male to female transgendered person is more right than a female to male transgender because, obviously, she saw the error of being male whereas he wants to become male after the glory of being a woman.

So, in conclusion, the only time a man can ever be right is to agree with a woman. Perhaps you think I'm wrong. If you do, obviously you are a man and perhaps you need to work on reading comprehension.

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